Monday, October 06, 2014

Adventour Magazine Features Sexy Nomad

I was surprised to receive a copy of Adventour magazine last week! It was actually delivered to my home Wednesday evening just before I went out to do the groceries. I didn't have the time to read it though until Friday late afternoon and boy oh boy was I surprised to see myself featured on 7 full pages!!! I was so ecstatic!!!


Adventour is a backpacker's lifestyle guide magazine which started in 2013. The editorial team is headed by my blogger friend, Enzo Luna (the man behind Juan Manila) as the Editor-in-Chief who I first met when I joined Air Asia's bloggers tour in Malaysia last 2013. He interviewed me before 2013 ended and then I forgot about it. So I was really happy to see a copy of this awesome magazine delivered to me.
This is Adventour's July - September 2014 issue.
Adventour's mission is to give us readers tons of inspiring stories, backpacking adventures, coupled with amazing photos, travel tips and feature destinations which will make anyone want to become backpackers or at least inspire us to go travel and experience the joy of visiting new places as well. Wouldn't you?
On this particular issue, they also featured the island of Guam. I've never been there and it's one of my dream travel destinations as well. Now, I have a guide on what to do and where to go should my dream of visiting Guam come true. Let's go!
As for the story they featured about me, it was that 1 month or so that I stayed in one of the best beach destinations here in the Philippines... Boracay. This beautiful paradise is like second home to me. I've been visiting Boracay since 2004 because of a 10-year timeshare membership I purchased with Club Panoly then.  It cost me Php250,000 coz back then I had tons of money, thanks to my lucrative GSIS job (a little backstory here), hehehe. Unfortunately The Panoly closed around 2011 due to some financial problems which was about the same time I started backpacking since I already retired from the government service and needed to live on a budget too, teehee.
Anyway, this particular one month Boracay trip of mine was actually one of the turning points in my life and to be able to share to Adventour's readers how I was able to survive living by myself in one of the most expensive tourist spots in our country is really giving me a lot of happy feeling in my tummy. (^_^) If I can do it, so can you! It doesn't have to be expensive nor impossible. There is always a way to live the life you want! (^_^)

Adventour is still for free until the end of this year. They plan to start selling copies in National Bookstore and 7-11 outlets starting next year. So to my family and closest friends, I shall give you a copy of this edition.
In you have any inquiries about Adventour, you may email them here: 
You can also check out their FB page:

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