Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bye Malapascua, Hello Moalboal

goodbye Malapascua...

When we left Malapascua, we passed by Cebu City for late lunch and went all the way to the southwestern part of the region which is Moalboal. Because our driver drove so slow, we reached Moalboal after sunset. Too bad, the only sunset shot I have of Moalboal was this photo below, which I took while we were still on the road.

hello Moalboal...

Our team was scheduled to train the staff of this beautiful resort, Club Serena, the following day. This means that Carelle, RR and Ian can do a night dive, while I can just simply enjoy the rest of the facilities by myself.

my friends were getting ready to do another night dive...

But before all that,we checked in first at our room which happened to be a Tree house. I was surprised when I saw a double bed for me and my roomie, Ian. But I think he was more shocked. He blurted to the lady who showed us our room "Ate, conservative po ako. (Miss, I'm conservative.)" LOL! Well, we're both adults and I'm not the maniac type so suffice it to say that Ian survived not just being my roommate, but as my bed mate as well. LOL!

the bed Ian and I shared... Nice noh? ^_^

Anyway, I just lounged at the pool when they went diving.

I had the swimming pool all to myself. ^_^

I also took photos of the restaurant and garden. The ambiance was just so relaxing and beautiful. I couldn't wait to see how it looked during day.

View more photos for this particular night. The tree house Ian and I shared was quite huge and looked so rustic. We were like an old couple honeymooning there by the looks of our room. LOL! To view more photos, head here:

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Koryn said...

Jen! The resort looks so nice! Did you get the chance to get its rates? :)

James Cooper said...

Koryn! It really is a very beautiful resort. Nasa 3500-4500 per night. They have a really fantastic suite at 6k/night! Will blog about that soon. Bonggacious!!! :-)


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